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The Faire Play Association was created in 2003, with the initial goal of helping the British expat community intergrate into the 'Bocage' region around Vire and now the success of FairePlay in the region has no equivalent or competition. For example in the space of 10years, 300 visitors to the event has become 7000!

The numerous activities at the event prepared and hosted by the members of the association and the many volunteers, both French and British, make the event the success that it is.



After a dozen years as President Jean Galopin has stepped down and has become the association's 'Honorary' President. Marie Hayward after many, many years as vice-president has also stepped down and became an 'honorary member'.


Did you know ?


Every year the FairePlay association makes a donation to another Vire Association called 'Noel pour tous' (Christmas for everyone) that organises a Christmas meal and party for the local residents, for those who aren't in a position to participate in the festivities otherwise. In 2013 their Christmas event welcomed 377 people, 79 of which were children En 2013, at the village hall at Vaudeville at Vire.

Press Article by Ouest France (In French)
Portrait of honorary president Jean Galopin





Members of the FAIRE PLAY association


President: M. Jean-Claude TOULUCH
Vice Présidente : Mme Marian CLARKE
Treasurer : M. Jean-Pierre MENARD
Vice Treasurer : M. Daniel BACHELARD
Secretary : Mme Eliane ROUILLE
Vice Secretary : M. Marcel LEROYER



Other Members

Jean Galopin (Président d'honneur)
Marie Hayward (Membre d'honneur)
Gisella Parkes
James PMarc Gourearkes
Bernadette Danet
Claudia Pigui
Annie Joets
Eric Joets
Françoise Dendrael
Josie Orgebin
Jean-Pierre Sorel


There are also many other important people who volunteer their time both for the organisation before the event and at the event itself. We very much appreciate all the help and time that they give to help make FairePlay a successful Franco-British event.

♥ Thank you. We couldn't do it without you all ♥


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