The Car Boot Sale


9am - 6pm
Price: 2 € à metre


If you have never taken part in a Car Boot sale in France before (or even if you have), you might not be aware that they are strictly regulated.  As organisers we too are obliged to follow the law, which makes inclusion of, and adherance to, the regulations below compulsory.  It is quite common for the Gendarmerie to make thorough checks on the day.  You are strongly advised to have all the necessary documentation to hand (proof of identity, list of objects for sale, etc.). 

To book your place please < contact us > via email or telephone :

If you are considering reserving/taking a pitch please read the following conditions that must be adhered to: -


Article 1 This Car Boot sale is organised by the Faire Play Association and is open to the public on Sunday 1st of September 2019, from 10am until 6pm.  Standholders can arrive from 6am.

Article 2 It will take place on the forecourt of the Hippodrome of Vire.

Article 3 Places are assigned in chronological order of registration.  There is a fee of 2€/linear metre and the space allocated is limited to six linear metres.

Article 4 Upon arrival, participants are asked to provide all the requested information for their registration. After registering pitch holders must move straight to their allocated pitch. 

Article 5 Pitches not occupied by 12 noon will be re-allocated.  If reserved pitches are no longer required please inform the organisers as soon as possible.

Article 6 It is forbidden for pitch holders to alter the layout of pitches.  If alterations are necessary they can only be carried out by the organisers.

Article 7 Items exhibited remain the sole responsibility of their owners.   Organisers may in no circumstances be held liable for disputes such as loss, theft, breakages or other damage.  Pitch holders agree to comply with current safety legislation (re: flammable items, weapons etc.). The organisers accept no liability for personal injury.

Article 8 All standholders must have a list of all items for sale.  All pitch holders must also have their identity card/ passport.  These documents maybe required at any time by the organisers or by the police, who are legally empowered to check the provence of items for sale.

Article 9 Pitch holders have been granted special permission to sell items at a Car Boot sale under the explicit condition that they have not previously bought items specifically for re-sale.

Article 10 The presence of pitch holders on the day implies acceptance of these rules.  Anyone not respecting these rules could be asked to leave the premises immediately and without compensation.




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